A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The Game

The concept is quite simple:

  1. You play as a... well... not so nice guy... and you want to move forward in life 
  2. Sometimes people will get in your way, so you deal with them 
  3. You may use some 'special actions' to help you along... 
  4. ...but beware of the negative karma they may bring in the future

Go as far as you can. Use specials wisely. Things can get really bad, really fast!

This game was made in 48h for Ludum Dare 40 with the theme The More You Have, The Worse It Gets


Use the arrow keys and numbers to play. 

Your goal is to get as far as possible before your karma holds you back and you get crushed by time.


  • 3 types of NPCs
  • 3 different special actions to use
  • One inevitable wall of time/karma coming for you...

The more you collect special actions, the easier (and faster) you will get to your goal. But, the more you use them the higher your Karma and the tougher things will get for you in the future... Use special actions wisely!

Things to know

  • Like in life, Karma is not instantaneous, but your actions do have consequences
  •  You can use a special action more than once but it will make your Karma stay negative longer

Known bugs

  • If you restart the game with 'R' your previous Karma status will maintain even tho it won't say in the Karma tab on the right hand side. The status will be reset again after you activate the associated special action and wait for it's Karma to subside. Consider this playing on 'hard mode' :D

(Bugs will be corrected after LD 40 rating period ends and v0.2 is launched :))


The great soundtrack was made by Hihellohiya who kindly offered to make some tracks after seeing my initial posts on the LD devblog :)

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Dec 03, 2017
TagsLudum Dare 40, Roguelike
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


Karma Run for Windows 64 19 MB
Karma Run for Linux 36 MB

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